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At Star Ducts, we are here to help customers who are looking for air duct cleaning in the Edmonds, WA region that is affordable and completely dependable. The technicians at Star Ducts are devoted to offering wonderful air duct cleaning to residences or offices, ensuring they have greater interior air quality. We will always make it our mission to adopt any of their procedures and operations for a more secure and healthier worksite. Our expert team has over 10 years combined of duct cleaning service, and so our residential and commercial customers can continue to feel safe with our work. Need air duct cleaning in Edmonds, WA? The technicians at Star Ducts are here to assist you if you contact us today at 206-851-1211.

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Our work areas are always secure, clean, and absolutely alcohol and illegal substance free, upholding complete professionalism at every job that we tend to. Whether you need residential or commercial services, our specialists can handle any task since we use innovative tools and equipment and abide by all protocol. For all of your residential or commercial air duct cleaning in Edmonds, WA contact the technicians at our company now at 206-851-1211 for incredible duct cleaning service for your residence or business.

Unpredictable Weather Causes Your Ductwork to Create Bacteria

The weather in Washington state can go from one extreme to the other, and the drastic changes in the temperature and air quality can create serious health issues as it pertains to air ducts.  As the weather fluctuates from cold winter temperatures to the hot and damp humidity of summer, the ductwork of your home can start to form fungus and mildew. Even if you are diligent about changing the air filters, dangerous bacteria might still be present.

Things to Know About Air Duct Cleaning 

Simply living in your home creates dust and dirt.  Have you ever seen dust floating in the air in your home when the sun shines in?  That dust, dirt, pet dander and those allergens get pulled into the air handling system in your home. It builds up in the ductwork, some of it get recirculated back into your home and some of it is captured by the air filter if the one you use is of a good quality. Eventually enough builds up to the point where more of it blows back into your home.  Your furnace or air conditioner must run longer to cool or heat your home which costs you more in utility bills.  With a service call from StarDucts Air Duct Cleaning you can feel comfortable in knowing that that accumulation of Dust, Dirt, dander and allergens has been cleaned from your HVAC duct system. 

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