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Do you need Mercer Island air duct cleaning? Look no further than StarDucts, an air duct cleaning company committed to clearing your air. At home or in the office, the air coming from your HVAC move through air ducts. But within those air ducts, dust and other particles like mildew, mold, pet hair, dander, even rodent and pest droppings, can all come through too. Without proper cleaning, you will breathe in these irritants which can adversely impact your health.

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Instead of letting the dust settle, let StarDucts Mercer Island air duct cleaning purify and cleanse your ducts for a fresher way of life. We sanitize via a high power HEPA filtration system plus a rotating power brush to scrub away contaminants from your air duct walls. Our Tacoma air duct cleaning services include EPA-approved solutions to not only remove but also prevent toxins.


Purify your home and make life more enjoyable with StarDucts Mercer Island air duct cleaning. Our work is 100% quality guaranteed. We disinfect like no one else to keep the air flowing through your home or office fresh and clean. Choose our washable, reusable electrostatic filters to keep up the clean and clear air quality too.

Our Mercer Island air duct cleaning technicians are professional, timely, friendly, and knowledgeable. They’ll keep you informed every step of the way and provide solutions to your air quality issues. Call StarDucts Cleaners today at 206-851-1211 or Contact Us online to clear your air today. We have representatives eager to assist you in taking this step toward purer air.


We’re proudly located in Seattle 98115, Washington, offering a range of services and covering 60-mile radius of Seattle.

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