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Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Lynnwood, WA


If you live in Lynnwood, Snohomish County, Washington, and your air ducts are looking less than pristine, we've got your back!

Clean Ducts, Healthy You!

Your air duct may be the most neglected yet important part of your HVAC system. Clean ducts are crucial to distributing fresh air throughout your entire house and keeping your family healthy. However, cleaning your air ducts is not as easy as you think. That's why we recommend professional air duct cleaning for a clean and healthy home. 

We have been providing high-quality air duct cleaning services to homes and businesses in Lynnwood for many years. Our duct cleaning professionals are expertly trained to clean every inch of your HVAC duct system, from top to bottom. 

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Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Service in Lynnwood

We offer a host of HVAC services to the Lynnwood community in addition to cleaning dirty ducts. Some of our solutions include:

Commercial air duct cleaning

Our commercial air duct cleaners will help you keep your building running efficiently by removing dust, allergens, and other contaminants from your air ducts.

HVAC Tune-Up

If your heating or cooling system isn't working, our experts can perform a tune-up on your unit.

HVAC maintenance

If you want to prevent problems, schedule regular maintenance with us.

Furnace Repair Service

If you’re experiencing trouble with your furnace, we can help with repair and furnace maintenance of your electric or gas furnace.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

We test indoor air quality using a state of the art equipment.

Dryer vent cleaning

If you're having issues with your dryer vent, our technicians can take care of it quickly and easily.


Air conditioning service

If you need air conditioning repairs done, our team of skilled technicians can get the job done quickly and correctly. We also do AC installation and Air conditioning replacement service.

Professional air duct sealing

Prevent mold growth and odors with duct sealing.

Heating System Installation

We also perform installation, water heater replacement, and heat pump replacement.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Process

Air duct cleaning is an essential part of any HVAC system. If you have an old heating or cooling system, it may not be working efficiently and could be costing you more money than necessary.

Our air duct cleaning service process includes the following 5 steps:

Step 1. A technician visits your property and assesses the condition of your existing ductwork.

Step 2. The technician cleans the ducts using high-pressure water and specialized equipment.

Step 3. The technician checks the ducts for leaks and cracks.

Step 4. If there are any problems identified, the technician repairs them before leaving.

Step 5. The technician leaves your property after completing the job.

Our technicians will inspect your ductwork thoroughly to determine if there are any problems, regardless of whether it's an air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, or central air conditioning unit. Then, we'll check for leaky ductwork, cracks, damage, and anything else that needs attention.


Why Choose us?

We provide quality service at affordable prices. We offer flexible scheduling options so you can get your work done when it works best for you. And our technicians are highly skilled and experienced, meaning they'll do their jobs right the first time. Here are a few more compelling reasons why we are customers prefer to choose us.


  • Free estimates

  • Affordable costs

  • Same-day appointments available

  • Flexible appointment times

  • 24/7 emergency service

  • Superior duct cleaning service quality

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


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Why Clean Air Ducts?

The air that enters our homes is usually recirculated through a series of filters before it reaches our lungs. Unfortunately, these filters are often clogged with dust particles, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. Dirty air ducts can cause asthma attacks, sinus problems, and dust allergies.

Apart from the obvious health benefits, cleaning ducts have a range of other advantages that include:

  • Reduces allergens

  • Eliminates mold spores

  • Better airflow in the house

  • Improves indoor air quality

  • Increases energy efficiency

  • Improve home comfort

  • Reduces health issues related to allergies

  • Keeps your family safe

Cleaning ducts also makes sense because it helps prevent costly repairs down the road. It’s important to note that some ducts require professional repair. But most of the time, duct cleaning does the trick.

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Air Duct Cleaning FAQs

How often should you clean your air ducts?

Air ducts should be cleaned every three to five years, according to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. However, if a quick visual inspection indicates the presence of dirt and grime inside the ducts or if your family members experience unexplained respiratory issues, it's time to clean them. 

What should I expect during my duct cleaning?

 Expect a thorough inspection of all parts of the ductwork. Our technicians will clean the ducts thoroughly and make sure everything is safe and secure. They'll also check for any cracks, leaks, damages, and other things that need fixing.

How long does it take to complete a duct cleaning?

It takes about 1-3 hours to complete a duct cleaning. This includes inspecting the ducts and making any needed repairs.

Are there any risks involved with duct cleaning?

There are no risks associated with this type of service. 

Is it possible to schedule a same-day appointment?

Yes, we always try to accommodate our clients' schedules. If you'd like to schedule a same-day visit, just give us a call. We'll see what we can do.

Is air duct fogging safe?

Duct fogging is a safe and environment-friendly way of cleaning ducts. It is also a less invasive procedure. 

Should I get my air ducts sanitized?

Yes, you should consider getting your ducts sanitized. Sanitizing removes bacteria and germs from the ducts. It's an effective way to improve the overall air quality inside your home.

Do I need to hire a professional to clean my ducts?

No, you don't need to hire a professional. You can use DIY methods to clean your ducts. However, if you want to ensure that they're completely free of debris, you may want to contact a professional.

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