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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Cleaning Seattle

It is recommended to clean your bathroom exhaust vent every 6-12 months

Why clean the bathroom exhaust vents?

It is important to clean the bathroom exhaust vent regularly to ensure the fan can properly ventilate. When the vent is dirty or clogged is can trap excess moisture which can lead to mold and mildew growth. Not to mention it becomes a fire hazard. The bathroom exhaust fan can become overheated and ignite the lint, resulting in a house fire.

Does my bathroom exhaust vent need to be cleaned?

It is recommended to clean your bathroom exhaust vent every 6-12 months to remove any dirt and lint buildup from the vent.

  • Has it been longer than 6-12 months since the last time it was cleaned?

  • Can you see visible dirt or lint on the exhaust fan or in the vent?

  • Is there a burning smell or odor coming from the exhaust vent?

  • Do you have birds nesting inside the vent?

What is included?

The cleaning includes the entire length of the bathroom exhaust vent, exhaust fan and corresponding components, and all labor and materials.

We can remove Inactive bird's nest for an additional charge.*

How is the service performed?

We use dryer vents rods, brushes, an air whip, and a blower to thoroughly clean the bathroom exhaust vents. We also use a CFM reader to ensure that the air flow is running at 100% and to make sure that no lint or debris is left behind.

What is the cost?

We offer a free over the phone estimate for cleaning. We price our bathroom exhaust vent cleanings according to the approximate length of the vent & where it vents out to. This is something our technicians would estimate over the phone. To give you an idea, the cleaning would range anywhere from $175 - $275. If you choose to move forward with the service, please call us at 855-298-1079


The photos on this page were taken by our employees from a real house in Washington State 

For more photos from real customers visit our projects page and always remember, don't look for the cheapest company but only the most reliable company!

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