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Does Your Dryer Vent To The Roof – It Could be a Fire Risk!

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We see so many second-floor dryers that vent to the roof that is seriously a potential fire hazard over time. If you have a second-floor laundry room your vent will terminate either on the roof or on the side of your home.


Whilst it is great to have a second-floor laundry room, it is very difficult for most homeowners to make sure the vent cap or roof vent is kept free from lint buildup. Some second-floor dryers are close to the outside wall making it easy for the homeowner to disconnect the dryer from the inside and reach in to clean the dryer vent.

The number one way to prevent roof dryer fires and avoid mechanical malfunctioning is to get professional duct cleaning services from the experts at STAR DUCTS LLC in Seattle WA.


However many laundry rooms are in the middle of the home with longer runs that are impossible to clean without professional equipment, or they are venting up to the roof. If you’re looking for dryer vent cleaning on the roof in the Seattle area, WA, call STAR DUCTS LLC today at (855) 298-1079.

Dryer Vent Cleaning on Roof.jpg


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So What’s the Problem with Dryer Roof Vents?

Well apart from the obvious fact they are out of sight and out of mind, they cannot be checked by the homeowner to ensure they are not clogged! In fact many homeowners do not know where their dryer vents to. The main issue with the dryer vents are they have screens at the end preventing lint from escaping. This causes lint build up through the dryer duct and then to the inside of the dryer itself. This lint build up prevents the dryer from blowing the damp air and lint outside as fast as it once did. Which takes longer to dry each load, uses much more energy (higher electricity bills) and results in premature dryer repairs (thermal fuzes, heating element) through the dryer working harder and overheating.

Modifying Dryer Roof Vents

Star Ducts have determined that most roof dryer vents need to be modified to prevent lint build-up and ensure lint has a better chance of getting out! Whilst this does not mean the dryer vent does not need to be cleaned it helps reduce how often cleaning is required.

Roof Dryer Vent Cleaning

Not many companies clean dryers and dryer vents, and even less will clean roof top dryer vents, we do it all for you to ensure safe, efficient drying. When you call in Star Ducts you are guaranteed a professional job. We always provide photographs of what it’s like up there so you know what it was like before and after.

For Roof Dryer Vent Cleaning in Seattle, Auburn, Bellevue, ​Bothell, Bremerton, Edmonds, Sammamish, Suquamish, ​Kirkland, Federal way, ​North Creek, Redmond, Lynnwood and Kent call us today on 855-298-1079 or contact us

Dryer Vent Cleaning on Roof
Dryer Vent Cleaning on Roof
Dryer Vent Cleaning on Roof
Dryer Vent Cleaning on Roof
Dryer Vent Cleaning on Roof
Dryer Vent Cleaning on Roof
Dryer Vent Cleaning on Roof
Dryer Vent Cleaning on Roof
Dryer Vent Cleaning on Roof
Dryer Vent Cleaning on Roof
Dryer Vent Cleaning on Roof
Dryer Vent Cleaning on Roof
Dryer Vent Cleaning on Roof
Dryer Vent Cleaning on Roof


The photos on this page were taken by our employees from a real house in Washington State 

For more photos from real customers visit our projects page and always remember, don't look for the cheapest company but only the most reliable company!

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