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Duct Repair And Replacement 

Are your ducts in rough shape? Do they make a strange noise as your conditioned air passes through them? At Star Ducts, we can make sure that your ducts are in excellent shape at all times, whether they have holes or cracks in them, or they need to be replaced entirely. We offer excellent duct repair and replacement services. We are airflow specialists, which means that we specialize in addressing temperature and airflow issues within your ductwork. You should not settle for anything less than your absolute comfort, and your ducts play a major role in keeping your home that way. Our certified duct repair technicians are here to help you with any ductwork issues that you may have, so give us a call today if you’d like to improve your heat system with our excellent duct repair and replacement services.

The Seattle, WA ductwork experts at Star Ducts offer quality repair and replacement services throughout the Seattle area.

Reasons to Consider Duct Repair Services

Your ducts are a bit like the circulatory system for your home. They remove warm or cold indoor air, condition it, and then return it to your home so that you can stay comfortable. But over time, your ducts endure a significant amount of wear and tear, from temperature fluctuation and accidental damage, among others. Here are some good reasons to consider professional duct repair service:


Keep an eye and an ear on your ducts. If you notice a whistling sound or an unusual loudness, then you might have a hole that is leaking your conditioned air or allowing fumes and contaminants into your clean air stream.

Loose connections

The connections between your ducts are susceptible to damage over time, and loose connections can lead to serious problems with the operation of your heat system.

If, at any time, you feel as though your heat system is not operating correctly, you need to notify a professional to come take a look at your system components and your ducts. It could be a sign that your ducts need to be repaired.

Contact us today to schedule tour FREE On-Site Inspection and Quote 855-298-1079

When to Replace your Ducts

The line between repair and replacement is not always as clear–cut as we would like. There is often a number of ways to go about solving a problem, and it depends upon what your needs and budget are. We offer turnkey solutions that are comprehensive in scope, and we make sure our customers know the root–cause of the problem before we go about fixing it. In short, we want you to have options. If you find that you’re paying for duct repair too often, or that your ducts are so damaged that they are unable to be repaired, we can make sure that your duct replacement is taken care of quickly and thoroughly so that you enjoy minimal downtime.

Call us today to schedule duct repair and replacement services in Seattle, WA and the surrounding area.

How Much Does it Cost to Install New Ductwork?

The design and layout of your home play a significant role in the price of installation services. Air duct installation can be priced anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000, depending on the type of ductwork installed. The average cost of installing ductwork can be between $0.30 and$2.50 per square foot. The average home usually requires over 100 linear feet of ductwork per 1,000 square feet.

When calculating the cost of your duct installation, our technicians consider placement, the number of vents, ductwork material, the amount of temperature-control zones, and labor. We will provide this information in a detailed, itemized estimate so that you can plan financially for your air duct replacement or new installation.

Why Professional Ductwork Service Matters

We offer excellent sealing services because we know how integral your ducts are to your heating system and to the comfort and convenience of your home. If you notice that your furnace or central air is no longer as effective as it once was, or a hissing sound coming from your ducts, then you may have a crack or loose connection that needs to be sealed. If you take care of your ducts, then you can expect excellent performance from your heating and cooling systems as well as decent indoor air quality. We offer duct repair and replacement services as well, for when the time comes to replace a section or your entire ductwork.

Call the duct experts at Star Ducts today to schedule service in Seattle, WA and the surrounding area.


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