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7 Benefits Homeowners Get from Maintaining Air Duct Cleaning

There’s no place quite like home, a place where you feel safe living and breathing the air. However, the air circulating through your home runs through air ducts which, in time, can collect debris and dust. That’s why you should have your air ducts cleaned with regularity to ensure you and your loved ones are breathing in fresh, clean air.

In Seattle, WA, it’s even more important to have a professional come and clean your air ducts. You’ll notice the benefits right away, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Here are 7 benefits you get as a homeowner when you hire someone to maintain and clean those air ducts.

1. Gets rid of irritants and allergens

It’s easy for allergens to build up in the vents and pipes. Things like mold can make you and your family very sick. Debris and dust build up too, which can lead to side effects such as nausea or headaches. Those with asthma may notice they feel more frequently irritated too. By hiring air duct cleaners, you can clear away these harmful irritants and breathe easier.

2. It creates a more hygienic home

Want a true breath of fresh air? Hire air duct cleaners in Seattle and you’ll have dust-free air. When dust is cleared away, you can really feel the difference when you breathe. Your unit also needs to be cleaned to function optimally. When it’s clogged with dust, it becomes less productive, plus it leaves dust on the surfaces of your home. By having the air ducts cleaned, you’ll see less dust gathering on furniture.

3. Easier cleaning routines

Have a professional clean your HVAC system and you’ll see how easy it is to keep things tidy. With less dust to clean up, you’ll have your cleaning done in no time. Plus, it’s no longer recirculating through the air and creating a vicious cycle, another fantastic bonus of these professional services.

4. More efficient heating and cooling

If your air ducts are dirty, your heating and cooling becomes less efficient. Not only does this translate to higher electricity bills, but it also means your HVAC runs the risk of breaking down when you need it most. Clean air ducts mean proper heating in winter and cooling in summer to keep you comfortable in every season.

5. Savings on energy

Let’s talk about those savings you’ll get on your energy bills. With a clean HVAC system, it operates efficiently which means it’s not wasting time on heating and cooling. It gets the job done with minimal effort. Plus, it ensures your unit lasts for years to come.

6. Less likely to need repairs

There is nothing worse than having your HVAC break on the hottest day of summer. When you don’t maintain it with regular air duct cleaning services, you will eventually see lower airflow by almost 50%. It pays to have the air ducts clean so that the unit works well. When it does, it keeps you from having to pay for expensive repairs to the unit when it becomes damaged by debris and dust.

7. No more lingering odors

Ever walk into someone’s house, or even your own after being gone all day, and detect an odor in the air? Odors from food, pets, sweat, and stuffy smells in general can permeate the unit and leave behind an unpleasant impression. These smells cling to the debris in your air ducts. By hiring professional air duct technicians to clean it up and use deodorizers, it will smell better in your home instantly!

If you haven’t had your air ducts cleaned, it’s time to call a professional to clear the air in your favor. Enjoy fresher, cleaner, air and a more functional HVAC system today with Star Ducts, your friendly and professional air duct cleaners in Seattle, WA!

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