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$199-$225 for dryer vent cleaning includes your air

duct system inspection

Prices do not include attics, rooftops, and a dryer vent located above a

second floor


$499 for an air duct cleaning with up to 10 vents, based on 1 system, includes dryer vent cleaning of unlimited feet, crawl space inspection


$599 for an air duct cleaning with up to 15 vents, based on 1 system, includes dryer vent cleaning of unlimited feet, sanitation of system as well as cold air return inspection and furnace inspection, crawl space inspection


Why Is It Important To Clean Your Air Ducts?

1. It is emstimated that air pollutants are 5 times higher indoors then outdoors and we spend on avergae 85 % of our time inside.

2. Pollution in our homes typically comes from dust, pollen, animal odor, mouse droppings, dust mites, drywall dust, insulation, fungus and bacteria.

3. All the pollutants listed above get logged in our airs ducts and begin to cause the increaseing risk of allergies, asthma, breathing problems and lung damage ( epescially to the young and elderly in our homes) Each time we turn the fans on in your homes, it forces all the pollutants out of our ducts and into your living enviorments for us and our family's to breathe.

The Negative Pressure Method

Negative pressure is a method in which loose debris is vacuumed out of air ducts.

The Deep Cleaning (Duct Brushing)

In cases where the ducts had not been cleaned regularly, or for a long period of time, especially in moisture rich environment(Pacific North West), loose debris in the ducts mixed with moisture builds up on the walls of the ducts. This buildup provides an inviting environment for mildew, mold and bacteria. In such cases scrubbing the walls of the ducts with a motorized rotating brush is required.

Air Duct & Furnace Cleaning Costs

Ductwork cleaning involves more components than just the ducts themselves. The  furnace & Cold Air Return must be addressed during the task. Maintaining these components is key to improving efficiency. The following are average costs for air duct deep cleaning prices based on individual services.

Rodent and Animal Removal costs between $350 and $500

Average Cleaning Cost Per Unit

Deep cleaning vent with a 27 fit long brush: $25 - $35

Deep cleaning Cold Air Return with a 27 fit long brush: $99 - $125

Dryer Vent Bursh with a 27 fit long brush: $125 - $225

Furnace Cleaning: $199 - $399

Sanitize the entire vents: $75 - $99

Connection box: $55 - $75

Exhaust pipe: $75 - $95

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