Cleaning Your Air Ducts: Why and How Often You Should Have It Done

Air ducts are an essential part of an HVAC system. They help circulate heated or cooled air to your spaces to ensure your comfort in any season. But if you don’t take care to clean them regularly, they get clogged up with dust, debris, and allergens which can affect the efficiency of your system.

It’s important to have them cleaned regularly to ensure good health for you and your family as well as for the system to run well. But how often should you have those air ducts cleaned?

The following situations should prompt you to call professional air duct cleaners in Seattle, WA, to ensure your system is properly cleaned.

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Mold grows when there is moisture in the air. It’s problematic if you see it growing either on your air ducts or near them. Don’t wait if you see it…call immediately to get things cleaned up. Breathing mold can be very hazardous to your health, leading to respiratory complications.

Because mold produces spores, they can grow anywhere. Once they get in the air, you’re breathing them all in. Sometimes, you might not see the mold but you may be able to smell it. It often is mistaken for dirt, but the telltale scent gives it away. The best way to be sure it isn’t dirt is to call a professional air duct cleaner at once.


Creepy crawly things like cockroaches as well as rodents can cause many problems for your air ducts too. Rodents in particular leave solid waste behind which can make you and your family ill. You may notice droppings, things that have been chewed on, or a foul odor.

Should you spot any holes, it’s a likely sign of an infestation. A professional can determine the entry point and seal it all off. They can also add barriers on the vents to prevent them from getting in again. However, one of the best methods of prevention is keeping those air ducts clean regularly.

Lots of dust

Do you have lots of dust around your home? If you feel like you’re always dusting to no end, it could be the dust built up in your air ducts. Your HVAC isn’t running efficiently when this happens and your indoor air quality will suffer. If you have allergies that seem to be aggravated often, getting your air ducts cleaned today can help.

New home

One of the best times to get professional air duct cleaning is when you move into a new home. You never know how often the previous owner had them cleaned. Plus, if they had pets and you don’t, you’ll really want to clear that air before you unpack all your things.


The same goes for home remodeling or renovations. These activities kick up lots of dust and debris. Even if you cover the vents during those installations, the debris can still make its way into your ducts. Once your new cabinets, electrical, or other installations are complete, call for professional duct cleaning services to get all that buildup out of the system and breathe cleaner air.


If you have pets, you should clean your air ducts more frequently than someone who doesn’t. Dander can trigger allergic reactions, plus all that errant hair can clog things up. Dander is the worst part for allergies though as it comes from the dead skin your pet sheds. In addition to vacuuming and cleaning regularly, you should bathe your pets often to keep the presence of dander down.

For all of these reasons, it’s important to have your air ducts clean often. Some may require an immediate service call while others are less urgent. Professionals can come clean your air ducts and get things running smoothly once again. They’ll clean out dirt, debris, mold, and allergens to ensure you have a safe and healthy space to call your own.

A great place to start is with Star Ducts, proudly servicing the Seattle, WA, area!

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