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Regular use, time, or renovations can cause the need for dryer vent repair services in Seattle. You must have the right technicians to perform the repair, or you may experience further issues with your dryer vent. Clogged dryer vents are the leading cause of dryer fires in the United States. Annual dryer vent cleanings help you maintain the safety of your home and the life of your dryer vent.

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Benefits of our Seattle Dryer Vent Repair Services

Did you know that the lint in your dryer has the capability to catch on fire? If it does catch on fire, it can burn your entire house down. In fact, in the United States, from 2010 to 2014, fire departments responded to an average of 15,970 fires a year that were caused by either dryers or their neighboring washing machines. So, in other words, this is quite a legitimate concern. Want to reduce the risk of dryer fires in your home? You have to have your dryer vent cleaned. By removing the lint and other buildups from your dryer vent, you leave nothing for sparks to catch. If a spark has nothing to catch, it won’t start a fire; it’s as simple as that.

Do you use a gas dryer as opposed to an electrical one? If so, you have yet another reason to have your dryer vent cleaned: carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gas dryers produce carbon monoxide; given that they’re attached to dryer vents, they’re able to dispose of this carbon monoxide—unless, of course, those dryer vents are clogged. If the dryer vent is clogged, the carbon monoxide could back up into the dryer and be released into the home, creating a dangerous environment for everyone living there.

Carbon monoxide is not something you want to mess around with. In fact, it can be fatal. So, be sure to have that dryer vent cleaned every year or so. Your life could depend on it.

The dirtier a dryer vent is, the harder its adjoining dryer has to work. The harder a dryer has to work, the more wear and tear it will suffer.

In order for your dryer to run optimally, you should have your dryer vent cleaned at least once a year. If you have a larger-than-average household (for example, more than 5 people), you might want to consider a cleaning every six to nine months.
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Why Choose Our Seattle Dryer Vent Repair Services?

StarDucts Air Duct Cleaning provides comprehensive dryer vent repair services in Seattle. Whether you need dryer vent repair, cleaning, or installation, our certified technicians will perform the job flawlessly. When it comes to dryer vent repair services in Seattle, our professional vent repair technicians can perform a wide range of services:

Trusted Dryer Vent Repair Service in Seattle

Signs You Need Dryer Vent Repair

Your dryer vent could be experiencing an issue not related to the cleaning. Instead, a leak in the duct, an incorrect joint connection, an improper seal, or the wrong materials can create serious issues. You may ask yourself if you need a dryer vent repair. Well, there are a few signs that you can look for:

These symptoms could be due to needing a cleaning, but if you receive a cleaning every year, then dryer vent repair services in Seattle is the next best solution.

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What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Our Dryer Vent Repair Services

Review 10

MK Rodgers


Dryer Vent Repair In Seattle

Shimon was able to come out on a Sunday and remove the cleaner brush we got stuck in the dryer vent and repair the damage we did to the vent trying to clean it ourselves. Very responsive, good communication. Highly recommend.

Review 41

Jenna Schulz


Dryer Vent Repair In Seattle

Very professional and knowledgeable! He did a great job of diagnosing our problem and fixing it quickly. We moved into a new house and the dryer wasn’t drying. He was able to clean out the vent and repair a hole on the outside vent. Communication was great before and during the appointment and the price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend!!

Review 11

Julie Artz


Dryer Vent Repair Seattle

Simon showed up promptly and was able to easily identify what was wrong with our dryer duct and vent. He made the repair, cleaned everything up, and even balanced my washer and dryer for me. Definitely recommend!

Our Dryer Vent Repair Process

Determining the repairs needed for your dryer vent is one of our first priorities in our process. Once we know what the problem is, then our professional vent repair contractors will start getting to work fixing it. Our dryer vent repair process is relatively the same with each house, but some homes’ design may cause a variation.

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Move the Dryer

We’ll start by moving your dryer away from the wall. Dryers aren’t light, so we will carefully maneuver it out of the way. Some dryer vent tubing is longer than others, but we’ll be sure to examine the dryer closely before moving it.

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Inspect the Duct

Once the dryer is out of the way, we will inspect the duct. Using the proper tools and methods, our professional vent repair contractors can check for visible tears or leaks. In some cases, patching the damage is adequate, but the whole duct may need to be replaced in other cases. Every dryer vent repair is different from the last.

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Perform Repairs

If we do find damage with your dryer vent duct, we’ll start the repair process. This part of the repairs varies depending on the damage you have. Replacing the duct will require us to remove the old one and install a brand-new duct based on Manuel D calculations.

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Tighten Seals

On each end of the duct are seals that need to be tightened after repairs are complete. We ensure to tighten these seals, so your dryer is as efficient as possible.

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Test the Dryer

Before testing the dryer, we move it back to its original place. Then, we’ll ask you to return the dryer after your dryer vent repair services in Seattle are completed.

As you can see, our dryer vent repair process is efficient and aimed at pinpointing the issue as soon as possible. With this process, we can complete the job sooner rather than later. If you are ever in need of dryer vent repair services in Seattle, give StarDucts Air Duct Cleaning a call

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Frequently Asked Dryer Vent Repair Questions

First and foremost, you should search on Google. Type “dryer vent cleaning services in Seattle” into the search box for a list of services in your area. Then, use the star ratings and customer reviews beside them to decide on which services are the best. We recommend choosing services with a minimum of a 4.9-star rating.

You don’t want an inexperienced individual cleaning out your dryer vent. You want to hire someone who has completed the task before, and preferably, someone who has completed the task hundreds or thousands of times. For this reason, when perusing different services in your area, you need to ask about experience. Make sure that the service you choose has at least two years of experience in the field. Generally, this is a sufficient period of time for honing necessary skills and perfecting working processes.

When you hire someone to clean your dryer vent, you invite that person into your home. Unfortunately, this puts that person in a position to cause damage to your home. To protect yourself, you need to ensure that the service you hire has insurance. If a service provider has insurance, they will generally have no problem covering the damage that may be done to clients’ homes. If they don’t have insurance, there’s a chance the service provider may fight you tooth and nail over money. Another thing you’ll want to consider is workers getting injured on your property. If this occurs, you could be held liable. So, you’ll want to make sure the company has insurance for that as well. In particular, look out for general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. The first will cover damages to your property while the latter will cover injuries to workers. Make sure to see proof of both. Any reputable service will be glad to provide you with this proof.

Not all dryer vent cleaning services are going to charge the same thing for their services. In fact, there can be quite a bit of variation in price. So, before hiring anyone, you need to obtain estimates. Any reputable professional will provide you with an estimate when you ask for one. If a company refuses to provide you with an estimate, you should avoid it entirely. When comparing your estimates, keep an eye out for estimates that are much lower than the others. If an estimate is remarkably low, it could be indicative of poor service.

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