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Why is Dryer Vent Cleaning needed over time? Dryer ducts will start to collect a ton of lint and other debris.

When fibers, dust, lint, and other residue collect, it can cause your dryer to overheat, which can lead to fires and in serious cases, deaths. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported in May of 2003 that 15,000 fires occur every single year due to dryer vent accumulation.


Dryer fires don’t just lead to fatalities and physical injuries, but they can also produce $10 million worth of property damage. The number one way to prevent dryer fires and to avoid mechanical malfunctioning is to get professional duct cleaning services from the experts at STAR DUCTS LLC in Seattle WA .


We have performed over 6,000 dryer vent cleaning services in Seattle WA and we work closely with homeowners associations in compliance with Dryer Cleaning codes in king county.


By using state-of-the-art tools, and the combination of 150 pounds of compressed air, we are able to give you desirable results that will eliminate the threat of potential fires. If you’re looking for dryer vent cleaning in Seattle area , WA, call STAR DUCTS LLC today at (855) 298-1079.



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Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Improve Life time of Dryer: The culprit of mechanical breakdowns and malfunctioning are due to the accumulation of lint and other residues. A clean vent will prevent this from occurring.

Clothes Dry In Less Time: Because of dirty dryer vents, it takes longer for your clothes to dry at a reasonable time. One of the advantages to dryer vent cleaning is cutting the time of drying clothes.

Decrease Dryer Breakdowns: As stated before, lint and other debris can really affect the performance of a dryer, which is why dryer vent cleaning is very crucial.

Save On Energy Spending: Since a contaminated vent can make your dryer run longer than it should, it can cause an increase in energy bills. Cleaning a duct will deliver a better functioning dryer, as well as an improvement in energy costs.

Dryer Vent Repair

With regular us over time or when you’re making home renovations, this will require the need for dryer vent repair services in Seattle. Don’t just hire anyone for the job. You need the right technicians that have proper experience to make these repairs, otherwise you may have more issues with your dryer vent. Since clogged dryer vents are the #1 reason behind dryer fires in the U.S., it’s imperative that you act quickly before a dryer fire destroys your home. With annual dryer vent cleanings, you can maintain the safety of your family and your home.

Dryer Vent Repair

One of our first priorities in the process of repairing your dryer vent is taking a look at what is needed. Once we have determined the problem, then our professional vent repair contractors will get to work. Our dryer vent repair process is relatively straightforward for most homes, but there are some designs and layouts that may cause us to make variations. 

Here's what we do:

Move Your Dryer
We move your dryer from the wall so we can get to work. Dryers are heavy so we will be careful to steer it out of the way. We’ve seen some dryer vent tubing that is longer, but no matter the length, we’ll examine everything carefully involving your dryer before we begin moving it out of the way. 

Inspect Your Duct
After we have moved the dryer, we will take a look at your duct. We use the right tools and methods to check for any visible leaks or tears. We can patch what we can in some cases, but in others, this will not suffice. In those instances, we will replace the entire duct. With dryer vent repair, it is critical to get it right and we do not believe in doing the job halfway. 

Making Repairs
If there is damage to your dryer vent duct, we’ll begin the repair process. What happens next will depend on the extent of damage you have. Replacing the duct will require our professional technicians to remove the old one and put on a brand new one. 

Tighten Up
Each end of the duct has a seal that needs to be tightened after repairs. Without this step, your dryer will not be efficient. We ensure these are secured on tight and sealed properly before moving to the next step.

Testing Your Dryer
For the final step, we move your dryer back into position. Then we will test it to make sure your dryer vent repair services in Seattle are fully completed.

With an efficient process that seeks out the issues from the start, we can complete this job quickly and safely. If you need dryer vent repair services in Seattle, give StarDucts Air Duct Cleaning a call today and get the peace of mind you deserve in your home.

Our Dryer Vent Repair Services

At StarDucts Air Duct Cleaning, we provide the most comprehensive dryer vent cleaning & repair services in Seattle. We offer dryer vent repair, cleaning, and installation through our certified technicians. We believe in performing every job with flawless precision. will perform the job flawlessly. If you need dryer vent repair & cealaning services in Seattle, you can count on our professional vent technicians to perform any of these services:

Replace Dryer Vent Hoods
Correct Joint Positions
Reseal Joints
Remove and Replace Screws
Patch Leaks or Breaks
Replace Dryer Vent Hangers

There may be issues with your dryer vent that are not related to cleaning it. There may be a leak in your duct, a joint could be incorrectly connected, a seal may not be completely closed off, or there may be the wrong materials in use. All of these things can create serious problems and require dryer vent repair. Here’s how to know when you will need StarDucts to help you:

Clothes are still wet after a 45-minute cycle
Clothes are hot to the touch
Dryer is hot to the touch
Mildew or mold smell on clothing
Debris or damage around the dryer vent

While these symptoms could indicate your dryer vent needs cleaning, if you have had your dryer vent cleaned each year, then it indicates a bigger problem. Contact us for the best solution in dryer vent repair services in Seattle.

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The photos on this page were taken by our employees from a real house in Washington State 

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