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Why Dryer Vents Need Cleaning?

Why is Dryer Vent Cleaning needed over time? Dryer ducts will start to collect a ton of lint and other debris.

When fibers, dust, lint, and other residue collect, it can cause your dryer to overheat, which can lead to fires and in serious cases, deaths. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported in May of 2003 that 15,000 fires occur every single year due to dryer vent accumulation.

Dryer fires don’t just lead to fatalities and physical injuries, but they can also produce $10 million worth of property damage. The number one way to prevent dryer fires and to avoid mechanical malfunctioning is to get professional duct cleaning services from the experts at STAR DUCTS LLC in Seattle WA.

We have performed over 6,000 dryer vent cleaning services in Seattle WA and we work closely with homeowners associations in compliance with Dryer Cleaning codes in king county.

By using state-of-the-art tools and the combination of 150 pounds of compressed air, we are able to give you desirable results that will eliminate the threat of potential fires.

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Benefits of our Seattle Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Professional dryer vent cleanings can also help extend the life of your dryer. Blockages in the system prevent proper dryer vent airflow and heat release in your machine. This added strain can increase the amount your dryer has to work to dry your clothing. Each new load of laundry placed in a blocked dryer can add to the machine’s pressure and increase the amount of lint in the system. Giving your dryer a professional cleaning and removing any built-up debris can ease the strain, allowing the machine to work at a higher capacity. With proper care, the less your dryer has to work to dry your clothing, the longer it should last in general.

If you’re used to sending your clothes through multiple cycles to fully dry them, cleaning the dryer vent might help. If a vent is blocked, the humid air inside your machine has trouble escaping during a normal cycle. The lack of dryer vent airflow can make it harder for your wet clothing’s moisture to evaporate, making you run it several times to get your favorite garments completely dry. A clear vent free of debris will allow your dryer to operate more efficiently, making drying cycles more effective. As a result, your dryer will not have to work as hard to dry your clothing. Your machine will be able to easily push hot air from the clothing chamber to the outside of your home, allowing your clothes to dry in less time or one complete cycle.

Clogged dryer vents are a major cause of home fires and dryers, as mentioned previously. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (the leading information and knowledge resource on fire, electrical, and related hazards), failure to clean lint, fiber, or dust from dryers accounted for one-third of all 2020 U.S. dryer fires. An annual dryer vent cleaning can greatly reduce your overall fire risk in addition to preserving the health of your dryer. A trusted, trained professional can reduce the lint accumulation in your dryer and, in turn, prevent that lint from catching on fire. By sticking to a dryer cleaning schedule, as well as paying attention to your dryer’s signs, you can keep your home and valuable belongings safer.

As dryer vent cleanings can reduce your average dryer runtime, they can also help you lower your electricity usage. This is particularly true if you run many cycles to dry your clothing before having the vents cleaned. Cleaning your dryer vents helps your dryer run smoothly and more efficiently, meaning possibly shorter drying times. Your dryer’s energy consumption (and therefore energy cost) depends on the type of machine you own. While there may not be a significant change to your power bill right away, over time, using the dryer more effectively and running it less often can add up. For example, cutting your cycle usage in half for a week may not make much of a visible difference. If you continue to use that amount for an entire year, the results and savings will be more noticeable.

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Why Choose Our Seattle Dryer Vent Cleaning Services?

Choosing the right company is critical. We have many years of experience in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. Whether it’s a contaminated air duct system, clogged dryer vent, our state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated experts will assure complete satisfaction. When one chooses StarDucts, they should expect nothing short of the best. Your home is your castle, and it should be treated as one. We are fully insured and bonded, which means that you can feel 100% certain that the work will be done in a timely fashion at the highest level.

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Kelly Wilson


Dryer Vent Cleaning In Seattle

Simon was amazing! He was on time, super helpful and cleaned all of our vents. It’s amazing to see what came out. The dryer vent was a fire hazard with how bad it was, he got everything out and even showed us photos! We highly recommend him and will definitely have him back next time we need our ducts serviced!

Review 4

Emily Chin


Dryer Vent Cleaning In Seattle

I was very impressed with Simon from the minute that I reached out about a dryer vent cleaning and repair. Not only did he respond to my inquiry within minutes, but he was incredibly friendly and professional throughout. At the time of the cleaning, he was very efficient and clearly explained everything that he had done. Would highly recommend! Thank you Simon!

Review 5

Chad Lurie-Malina


Dryer Vent Cleaning Seattle

Simon was great to work with. Arrived on time, cleaned out our dryer vent thoroughly (correcting a poor job by another company) and threw in a new exterior vent cover with the cleaning at no additional charge. Would highly recommend his services.

Our Dryer Vent Repair Process

One of our first priorities in the process of repairing your dryer vent is taking a look at what is needed. Once we have determined the problem, then our professional vent repair contractors will get to work. Our dryer vent repair process is relatively straightforward for most homes, but there are some designs and layouts that may cause us to make variations.

Here’s what we do:

move icon

Move the Dryer

We move your dryer from the wall so we can get to work. Dryers are heavy so we will be careful to steer it out of the way. We’ve seen some dryer vent tubing that is longer, but no matter the length, we’ll examine everything carefully involving your dryer before we begin moving it out of the way.

duct icon

Inspect the Duct

After we have moved the dryer, we will take a look at your duct. We use the right tools and methods to check for any visible leaks or tears. We can patch what we can in some cases, but in others, this will not suffice. In those instances, we will replace the entire duct. With dryer vent repair, it is critical to get it right and we do not believe in doing the job halfway.

repair icon

Making Repairs

If there is damage to your dryer vent duct, we’ll begin the repair process. What happens next will depend on the extent of damage you have. Replacing the duct will require our professional technicians to remove the old one and put on a brand new one.

tighten icon

Tighten Up

Each end of the duct has a seal that needs to be tightened after repairs. Without this step, your dryer will not be efficient. We ensure these are secured on tight and sealed properly before moving to the next step.

test icon

Testing Your Dryer

For the final step, we move your dryer back into position. Then we will test it to make sure your dryer vent repair services in Seattle are fully completed.

With an efficient process that seeks out the issues from the start, we can complete this job quickly and safely. If you need dryer vent repair services in Seattle, give StarDucts Air Duct Cleaning a call today and get the peace of mind you deserve in your home.

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Frequently Asked Dryer Vent Cleaning Questions

In some cases, you can clean your dryer vent if it’s short (4 feet or fewer). You can also buy kits at some home improvement stores for DIY cleaning. As a principle, we do not recommend this because cleaning a dryer vent is much more than inserting a brush into the dryer duct.

StarDucts recommends cleaning the lint trap after each load and vacuuming hard-to-reach areas. Others recommend cleaning the vent once a year or more often if you have a large family.

Our average cost to have your dryer vents cleaned professionally is $199, but this price varies depending on factors such as location, dryer placement, and whether you have a test to ensure the dryer is up to code.

Cleaning dryer vent lines on a standard home dryer system typically takes up to one hour.

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