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Vapor Barrier Installation and Repair in Seattle

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A vapor barrier is a key component to defend your home from excessive levels of moisture, humidity and mold growth.  Each day, groundwater evaporates and rises due to the stack effect.  This rise of water vapor penetrates the wood structure within the crawlspace while raising the relative humidity within the crawlspace and throughout your home.  

StarDucts Crawlspace Enhancement installs the highest quality of vapor barriers (also referred to as a moisture barrier) installation.  Our vapor barriers options range from 12-20 mil in thickness and are all string reinforced, made from 100% Virgin material, right here in the United States

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Benefits of our Seattle Vapor Barrier Installation and Repair Services

Moisture and any water that enters the crawl space can seep through the dirt floor and surrounding walls. Mildew and mold grow rapidly as moisture and humidity linger in your dark and damp crawl space. Installing a vapor barrier ensures the moisture is controlled and concealed, preventing damage to the structure of your home, usually seen through rotting wood, rusted metal, and damaged drywall. The installation of this barrier keeps your crawl space dry and keeps hazardous fumes away.

Mold can quickly and harshly impact your home. Mold is a type of fungus that thrives in moisture-rich areas and is more than likely to cause illness among anyone living in your home. Not only is mold only able to be removed by qualified professionals, but it impacts the insurability of your home. Preventing this type of damage is essential to ensure your home keeps the value for every dollar it’s worth.

Moisture does not pair well with electrical systems. Moisture found in the crawl space can cause electrical shorts, rusted wires, and even fires. Vapor barrier installation helps to ensure all electrical and wiring materials are free from moisture. This helps to prevent increased risks of fire and electrocution.

Some common signs to look for that indicate moisture in your crawl space:

  • Standing water in the crawl space
  • Infestations of insects or other animals
  • Peeling exterior paint
  • Mold and mildew present on main floor of your home
  • Lingering odor in or around your home
  • Rusted piping in crawl space
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Why Choose Our Seattle Vapor Barrier Installation and Repair Services?


We are one of a select few Seattle Washington businesses with ownership involved in the day-to-day operations. This said we have a vested interest in ensuring that every job is done to our quality standards and that YOU, the customer, are completely satisfied.

Because StarDucts is a small, family-owned company, we have a lower overhead than the big-name contractors. That means we can do quality work and still pass the savings directly to our customers at competitive pricing.

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Frequently Asked Vapor Barrier Installation and Repair Questions

What Is Vapor Barrier Installation? -Vapor barrier installation involves covering and sealing the bare earth and soil in your crawl space by installing thick, heavy-duty polyethylene sheeting over the ground, helping prevent moisture, mold, and odors from circulating throughout your home.

The best vapor barriers are constructed of heavy-duty, virgin polyethylene. StarDucts uses only the best materials to protect your home. Our vapor barriers are lab tested to prove their effectiveness, demonstrating their ability to resist moisture, tears, and punctures.

While installing a vapor barrier yourself is possible, consulting with a professional is always recommended. Our crawl space inspections typically uncover issues that were unknown and unseen by the homeowner. Done incompletely or incorrectly, sealing a crawl space can potentially cause crawl space moisture issues to get even worse.

The cost of installing a vapor barrier in your crawl space varies depending on the size, the level of work required, and any additional services required. That’s why StarDucts provides FREE crawl space inspections and answers any additional questions to give homeowners a better idea of costs.

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